Bethany Holt

BethanyHey! Welcome to The Good Oils! My name is Bethany, and I’m kind of a HUGE fan of Young Living essential oils.
My oily journey began a few years ago, buying from a local(ish) company. It was OK, but never anything spectacular. Then in 2015, a sweet friend of mine introduced me to this tiny bottle from Young Living, called Valor.
Short story long, my 3 year old hadn’t slept for a year and a half. Literally. She would fight us when going to bed, and would wake up 2-4 times, every night, in tears. I finally gave in to this cute little bottle, and rubbed a drop on each of her big toes. She went to bed easily, and calmly, and slept through the night. Thinking it was a fluke thing, a coincidence, I tried it again the next night. Same results. By night 3, she was asking for oils, and giving me her toes. You just can’t fake this stuff! Happy tears!
I was immediately hooked, and was able to see just how good these oils were going to be for my family. I dove in and purchased my kit. Now we use almost every kit oil every single day. Our world has forever been changed.
I am a homeschooling mama of 4 amazing kids. My husband is wonderful, and has a love of essential oils too (yay me!). I enjoy cooking, refinishing old furniture, and singing on our church worship team. You betcha I incorporate YL oils into all these aspects my daily life!
My husband has found a true love for Ningxia Red. My oldest son LOVES Northern Lights Black Spruce diffused with Orange. My second son begs for Lavender on his feet before bed. My little cutie pie daughter asks for Valor any time she knows she’s sleepy. And the baby… Well he loves to lug around, and hoard all the bottles.
So welcome to the oily life! Let’s join together in staying healthy. One oil at a time. Cheers!

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