Carrier Oils

olive oil isolatedWhat is a Carrier Oil?

Carrier oils are just that. Oils that Carry. There are many different kinds of Carrier oils out there. You probably use many of them every day. Carrier oils are any sort of oil that you would use on or in your body. You want to make sure when choosing carrier oils that you pick something that is high-grade and made well. Some examples of these would be: Coconut oil, Fractionated Coconut oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, V-6 oil, Olive oil etc.

Why do we use carrier oils?

When using essential oils, for most oils it is important to use a carrier oil to help the Essential oil get to where it needs to go. If you put an essential oil directly on the skin, it seeps in very quickly so the Carrier oils literally help carry that Essential oil to a broader surface. The same goes for when ingesting oils internally. The carrier oils, helps the essential oil get into the system before it is absorbed.

Which Essential oils need a carrier oil?

All essential oils are different and if you look at the label on the back of the Oil it will tell you whether or not you need carrier oil for it.

Where can I get Carrier Oils?

You can get most carrier oils at your local grocery store. When looking for an oil that is a little more specific such as Fractionated coconut oil or Jojoba oil you might need to get that online or at a local health food store.

What is the best carrier oil to use?

Carrier oils are personal preference. What is one person’s favorite is not the next. You can play around with different kinds to see what you like best!

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