Cassie Meadows


Hello!  Welcome to The Good Oils!  My name is Cassie and I LOVE these oils.

I started using Young Living Oils when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I had some one suggest Lavender on my feet to help promote relaxation before bed!  I was willing to try anything.  I was impressed!!

About a year later my family had a cold, I wondered if there were any oils to help support our immune systems.  And sure enough- There was oils for that too!   A handful of oils later and I had to have a diffuser – so I bought the starter kit!  The rest is history – now I reach for oils to help with almost everything!

I am a mother to two beautiful children and a wife to an amazing husband (who also LOVES the oils too).  My kids love the oils and ask for them all the time.  My husband loves Deep Relief, Panaway for work when he’s stuck in a chair all day, and Digize for digestive support!  We are always amazed with these oils!!

I like to crossfit, cook and bake, and garden.  And I have incorporated using oils in all of those things!  And I’d love to share my bath salts recipe with you!  Welcome to our oil world and I hope you join us to see how they can change your life!

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