Natural Cover Scent

natural coverscent

Okay, so here’s a little tip I heard back at the start of this year, and I never really thought much about it again until another friend asked me about it for her hubs. I looked into it a little more, asked around all the oily hunters I knew and apparently this is the crazy awesome combo you need.

Take a small 2oz glass (amber or colored is best) spray bottle. Add three drops of both Young Living Pine and Cedawrood to the bottle, top with distilled water and you’re all set. Shake it up and use this mixture to spray on your hunting gear, clothes, boots and anything else you’ll have on your person when you’re out there. It works like a charm.

Young Living Essential Oils are pure essential oils, so you know that there’s nothing more natural or closer to the ‘real deal’ to help cover up your humanness while you’re out there in the field.


toptipAnother top tip is for laundry. You know what it’s like when you’re doing gear laundry before hunting. Sometimes you go ahead and buy the ‘cover scent’ stuff for your clothes, and sometimes you try all sorts of recipes or mixtures, but as far as my experience goes, those things are a little on the gross side of things. What you can do is use your ‘no scent’ laundry detergent as usual and then once you add your clothes to the dryer, take a damp rag or wash cloth and add a couple drops each of these two. Then dry as usual, and it will work the oils into your clothes, creating the perfect cover scent for your hunt gear.

Also, take a scent wick and add a couple drops of each and then hang it up in your tree stand…. works like a charm!

Other oils that you might want to look into are Idaho Balsam Fir, Cypress, Evergreen Essence, Juniper and Fennel depending on the area you are hunting in.

What oils have you used for hunting?

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