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EmilyWHey there! Welcome to my little page! Sooo I’m Emily, I’m a wannabe crafter, I LOVE to cook, I enjoy photography, jewelry making, painting (even though im terrible), binge watching Netflix tv series and of course spending time with my hubby! I am a Bible student and i try to help anyone i can to have a happier life. I was in a long distance relationship with an amazing man named Luke (he’s from England) and in October 2013 we got married. It was such an amazing day! We currently live in Connecticut where i was born and raised and we have 2 little Boston Terriers Mr. Bugsley and Luna and a little beta fish named Nigel :).

EmilyW2I first started using essential oils last year but I wasn’t impressed with the oils I was using. In Jan I saw a post from one of my friends showing off her Young Living diffuser and oils and I was intrigued. Even though I was skeptical I decided to take the plunge and order a kit. Best. Decision. Ever. Seriously my life has changed! These oils are far superior to any other oils I have ever used! They are 100% pure no fillers no chemicals. I can’t leave the house without mine I actually feel lost haha! My personal favorites are Lavender and Joy. Both come in the premium starter kit & there’s nothing better than lavender to relax you after a long day.

So if you were like me and on the fence just try it because you won’t regret it! Seriously i promise :)! Click here to start the awesomeness….

Step 1- Under “Who introduced you to Young Living essential oils?” It should have this number 2455121, If it doesn’t just type that number in.

Step 2- Just fill in your personal information… (About the tax ID number…. yeah i know i had to think about this one too, Young living requires it for tax purposes, think of it like a Costco or Sams Club membership.)

Step 3- Pick your starter kit, I totally recommend the Premium Starter Kit, you get the most bang for your buck. Seriously you get almost  $300 worth of products for $150. Totally worth it!!

Step 4- I recommend clicking no for essential rewards. There is no pressure and you do not need to sell these oils. You can simply just choose to buy the kit and enjoy the 24% discount that comes with being a wholesale member. If your interested in the business end of the oils let me know and we can work that out but for now just relax and enjoy your kit.

Step 5- Enter credit card and shipping details

And after that your done! Its that easy 🙂 have fun and let me know if you have any questions


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