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ErinHello hello! My name is Erin, and I’m here to tell you all about these crazy little bottles of awesome! I took the oily plunge, my kit arrived and I’ve been IN LOVE with all of these amazing things they’re doing for my family!

Let me start by saying,Erin_1 I was pretty skeptical of aromatherapy. I always try to do things as naturally as logically possible and will always give the natural and healthier ways a try first. I’ve used Lavender for several years but never put much thought into using them for other things until Pinterest came along. As  a new mom with no clue what she’s doing, Pinterest and Google are amazing. But, I digress.

Everything eventually came back to Essential Oils. I did some research and smelled some grocery store oils– they smelled awful. Not all of them, but most of them smelled nothing like what I had expected from the label. Yuck. Plus, there was no information on where any of their oils were sourced, or if they were organic. Nothing! Eventually I found out that grocery store essential oils only have to be 10% pure in order to claim 100% purity. Gross! What am I breathing in and putting into beauty recipes that go on my skin and get absorbed into my body?!

Not long after that, a friend of mine started up with Young Living and started sharing what these oils were doing for her family. I debated for a while, and when tax time rolled around I had zero excuses not to dive in. So I did!

Okay, so short story long- I’m completely shocked by how much I absolutely love these oils. I bought the Premium Starter Kit, which comes with 11 oils, a bunch of sample and information, and a fancy diffuser! By far the best deal since the bundle itself is worth over $300 and it’s just $150!

Erin2As soon as my kit arrived, I started diffusing right away. I noticed an immediate difference! The quality is simply amazing! If I open up the lavender– it smells like lavender! The lemon? Yep. Smells like lemon! You get the idea.

How exactly have these helped us? Here are a couple examples.

Anyone with kids knows that sleep is rough. Toddlers hate sleep! They don’t want to miss anything, and will do whatever they can to avoid it! We’ve also had night terrors interrupting our sleep. Within the first week of having my kit, a night terror hit. I grabbed our brand new bottle of 100% therapeutic grade lavender and mixed with a carrier oil (grape seed) and rubbed it on my sons feet. After a few minutes, he completely calmed down and was peacefully asleep within about 20 minutes. Usually sleep terrors last us an hour or more! What?! I’m sold. Give me all the lavender on earth!  Erin3

As a stay at home mom at the end of the day (for me, anyway) there’s always a bit of anxiety towards the end of the day just before my husband gets home. I’m trying to cook dinner, etc and my toddler wants attention. I diffuse a couple drops of Joy and rub Stress Away on my temples and the back of my neck. We have had such pleasant afternoons together, and even worked together to help clean the house. Ahh! It totally melts my heart!

Erin4I hope you’ve all enjoyed our experiences thus far, and I look forward to sharing our oily experiences with you in the future!

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Already sold? Want to buy the whole kit? Here ya go! You won’t regret a thing! Promise!
Go HERE and select the Premium Starter Kit – and let me know you’re signed up so I can help you on your journey!

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