Gel no! – a curly girl’s guide to natural hair gel!

gelno1I have a beast on my head. There’s no denying it. Occasionally it will be tame and soft and fall just the way I like it. And, on those rare occasions, I smile and toss my head around and nothing can go wrong in the world! But, most days I just pop this mop on the top of my head into a ponytail holder and forget about it. It’s a lot of work. A few months ago, in my frustration with frizz and unruliness, I decided to teach it a lesson and chop it all off! That will show it! Take that, hair!  And, it has saved my sanity for the time being. But, a good haircut and color requires upkeep…and I don’t think I’ve been doing it right.

I’ll search the beauty supply store for something fairly natural that is supposed to take care of my curls and color and inevitably my hair winds up falling flat. Since my foray into essential oils, it dawned on me….why am I spending so much money on commercial hair products that are full of polymers and chemicals, and things that are probably stripping my hair of it’s glow and not so healthy for me!? I have been reading a lot about Cedarwood for hair growth, and lavender for nourishment, so I was on the quest to find something that worked for me. And, low and behold…I found it!! The best part?? It costs pennies…literally pennies…to make! And all you need is
4 ingredients:
gelno2– Hot Water
– Gelatin (plain, unflavored)
– Young Living Lavender essential oil
– Young Living Cedarwood essential oil
I know. I didn’t believe it myself, but let me tell you it works! Gelatin is largely composed of the amino acids glycine and proline, which are extremely effective in hair and nail growth. If you would like a vegan option to this recipe, I have heard that Agar works as well. I have not tried that one, though, so let me know if you do!




Here’s how you make it:
1/4 tsp. unflavored gelatin (I used Knox brand)
1/2 cup hot distilled or filtered water
5 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops cedarwood essential oil

Heat water and mix together with gelatin in a small bowl or glass mason jar. Stir really well to make sure the gelatin is dissolved. Pop in the refrigerator for ten minutes to cool. Remove and add your drops of essential oil. Refrigerate for about 3 hours until set. That’s it!
I washed my hair and towel dried it, then added about two palm fulls of this gel to my hair and scrunched…let air dry for 10 minutes and then I blew it dry with a diffuser. Here is the result! I am so pleased! My hair feels light and bouncy and it smells divine. (Lavender and cedarwood is also my sleep combo so let’s hope I don’t doze off over here! lol)…I will never go back to commercial hair gel again! Just reading these ingredients on my “natural” product makes me cringe (acrylates copolymer, dimethicone laureth-4, a million other things i can’t pronounce….)
So give it a shot! Tame the beast…economically and naturally! Leave any questions or comments below!   xoxo- Lisa

PS – I’ll be trying out homemade chia hair conditioner next, so stay tuned!
If you would like to get started with all of the benefits of Young Living Essential oils, feel free to drop me a line in the comments below. 🙂  or go here to grab your own Premium Starter Kit!
Have a great day!

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