Haley Munson

haley munsonHey there! My name is Haley. First and foremost Jesus has changed my life! Second off I am married to an amazing man whom I met in Italy 12 years ago (its a fun story). We have 4 little girls whom we absolutely adore. We homeschool, do college ministry, have urban chickens, make kombucha, and have embarked into the world of essential oils within the last year. We are passionate about Jesus and living lives that reflect who He is.
We believe we have been deceived in so many ways from the products we have always bought from stores down to the food we eat. Our bodies are short circuiting because of this deception and we aim to tell the truth about what God created and how good and helpful it is to our bodies. We have been amazed at the many benefits oils offer us and our bodies.

We snagged our kit last tax-season and started diffusing stress-away right a way die to crazy anxiety I (Haley) was having. From there we honestly use oils in some shape or form everyday. From hand soap, lipgloss, to diffusing and adding drops of yumminess to our water. The possibilities are endless and It’s exciting to know we are ridding toxins and living a much healthier lifestyle.

Thanks for checking out my page and feel free to ask any questions you might have!

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