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If you’ve found me on this site, you must be interested in oils and know that I just love the stuff!
Hi. My name is Lorin Janae and I’m an oil addict! Yes it’s true, I diffuse every single day of my life and find an oil for anything I possibly have going on! Let me tell you a little more about myself.
I am 34 years old. Married to my high school sweet heart, with no children & three spoiled kitties. I love all things colorful and artsy. My profession is Massage Therapy and I have been practicing since 2007. My specialty is Deep Tissue Massage for pain relief. The name of my business is BodyWise Therapeutic Massage.
I truly believe in Listening to what your body is telling you. This goes beyond, masking symptoms but trying to find the cause of your symptoms, and then, finding a solution. In my practice, I use Young Living essential oils to help with the process of relaxation and to ease tension or uplift your spirits! Especially after a stressful work day or work week, my clients love that added therapeutic aroma of stress away Essential Oil blend, or Panaway.
LorinWhy did I start using Essential oils?
Simply put, they made me feel great! That’s right! I was NEVER a skeptic! In fact I loved using oils and didn’t know why. One day it occurred to me, “Hey these oils are actually helping me, I feel energized. I can get through my day and I feel so positive!” I have had my struggle with keeping a positive attitude and my oils help with whole body wellness. These oils are AMAZING!
Why do I use Young Living Essential Oils?
I admit, I did not always use Young Living Essential oils. I’ve tried many different brands and I can honestly say, Young Living Essential Oils work THE BEST! They just do! Now over time, I can usually tell when an oil is not so pure just by smelling it. Knowing about Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee, http://www.seedtoseal.com/en is what gave me the confidence to know that I am using the most pure, therapeutic grade oils and not some made up, synthetic blend. When I opened my first bottle of Young Living Essential Oil, I was sold! The smell is so pure and unlike any other. My personal favorites are Lavender And Frankincense. (Both come with your Premium Starter Kit!) I use these together in my diffuser or topically, for both spiritual grounding and relaxation. I feel positive, relaxed & focused. I will NEVER be without these two oils! My home is now a place of serenity & calm.
How can YOU begin YOUR Essential Oil journey?
I recommend taking the leap, (which is an easy, fun and exciting leap, but not a big leap!) and purchasing your very own Premium Starter Kit. Why? Because you get so much bang for your buck! No, these oils are not cheap, but neither is the quality, and that is what is important. For a minimum of $160, you get a beautiful diffuser, (worthy of keeping in your living room without clashing with your decor) 11 essential oils, (Yes, that says 11. You read right!) PLUS 10 samples, and 10 dram sample bottles so you can share with your family! That is great value and will get you started on a journey you won’t want to come off of! To get started, follow the link HERE.
Lorin3Make sure to sign up as a wholesale member to get your 24% member discount. You are under no obligation to sell these oils, you’re not signing your life away, you’re just purchasing amazing oils for yourself, with the added bonus of wholesale pricing on future purchases. I can’t say enough how much I love these oils! I am diffusing citrus fresh and peppermint right now! 😉 Once you place your order, I may just send you a gift! Yay! ;~D
When it comes to Massage & Essential Oils,
“Let Your Body Do The Talking!”
In good Health, Peace and Rejuvination,
Lorin Janae

these issues. These oils are AMAZING!

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