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Whatever brought you here, or however you found me, I’m glad you found my little oily page.

I’m a wife to Cory, and mother to my two amazing girls, Saoirse (seer-sha) and Caoimhe (Kee-Va)…. I’m a photographer, a blogger, a traveler, a friend, a dreamer, a dancer, a wisher, an artist, a lover of Jesus and all that this life brings. My favorite oil is StressAway because, well…. life! If you haven’t seen StressAway Stu yet, just ask me about him… I’d love to introduce you!

If you’re new to essential oils, let me tell you, these beautiful little bottles from Young Living are going to change your life. Don’t believe me? Ah, I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t have believed it either if you would have asked me this time last year. In fact, I probably would have just laughed and thought “oh yeah?”

Anyway…. I would love to share my journey with you and I would love to help you get started on your very own journey too. So, if you’re interested in getting yourself 11 little bottles of awesomeness and a diffuser, look no further…. click over to this link and go get yourself signed up. If you select distributor it gives you wholesale pricing, which for your Premium Starter Kit would bring it down almost 50% to $150 (or $160 if you prefer the bamboo diffuser). You will also get 24% off any additional products you buy…. hey, isn’t that awesome??

Okay – So, once you’ve gotten signed up – holler at me. I’ve got a little something to send your way aaaaaaaaand, if you like, I’d love to add you to our exclusive essential oil user group where you can get some awesome advice on using your oils and a bunch of helpful tips and recipes!

So…. what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a PSK and join me on this amazing journey…. 


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