Michelle Kamm

MichelleHi there! I’m Michelle and I live in the Pacific NW. I’m a mom to two amazing little munchkins and I clean homes on the side. I have been using essential oils for about 10 years and had no idea the difference in quality until I decided to do some research on the companies I kept hearing about. I decided to go with Young Living because of their Seed to Seal process and the fact that they don’t use pesticides/herbicides/chemicals on their crops (or even use land that has EVER had chemicals used on it!). The food and products I use for my family are super important to me, and being pesticide-free is at the top of the list. I believe you just can’t beat the quality you get with Young Living. Go here to learn more about the Seed to Seal process.

Some of my favorite oils that get daily use are Thieves, Lavender, Stress Away, Peppermint and Lemon. Now that I’ve had my kit for a few months, I find myself instantly grabbing my oils for any issue that comes up. For cleaning, I LOVE the Thieves Household Cleaner. I feel like it’s doing the job well, and I’m saving so much money not having to buy all the cleaning products I used to use. I use Thieves Cleaner on everything, in every room of the house. It smells great and NO more toxic chemical cleaners!

Thanks for stopping by! Everyone here at The Good Oils would love to have you along on this oily journey! Click here  if you’re ready to get started with your very own Premium Starter Kit. Be sure to choose “Wholesale Member” so you get the awesome discount of almost 50% off, PLUS 24% off of all future orders you place! PS. There’s no obligation to keep purchasing, but once you get these oils in your hands you’ll fall in love <3 🙂

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