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I drink a lot of coffee and Red Bulls, and I do mean a lot. While I have been successfully limiting myself to one (of each) a day since the start of this school year, I am super unhappy with the amount of money I’m throwing away on this and the amount of pure crap I’m pouring into my body.NitroSmoothies1
Coffee-wise, it was super easy for me to change my habits. I live in a small college town without a Starbucks and what while we do have a Dutch Bros, I am not crazy about their coffee. Too sweet and their non-dairy options never really jive well in the drinks. But I was throwing away money on coffee I didn’t even like.
Enter the solution for that specific problem. I bought a little Keurig off my boyfriends roommate for 20 bucks (a screamin’ deal, thank you very much). I always buy the discounted about-to-expire/already-expired k-cups at my local grocery store, brew a cup every night, and put it in the fridge for the morning. I loathe hot coffee so the next step for me is to start cold brewing on my own, eliminating all that nasty k-cup waste and saving the energy it takes to heat one cup of coffee at time. Anyways, I put about half a tablespoon of Madhava Organic Coffee syrup in it and it is perfection in a cup. I found it on sale at my local health food store and (unseasonably but necessarily) stocked up. This stuff is magic and I’m not even being paid to say that, that’s how much I love this product. It’s the perfect level of sweetness, I don’t need any cream, and I totally save on calories. For some reason, the freshman 15 didn’t exist for me but the junior 30 is a very real thing!
 NitroSmoothies2So I’m brewing my own coffee, right? I’m totally saving money and calories by brewing at home instead of buying from Dutch Bros and so I. like, never go there anymore, right?
Ohhh, how I wish that were so.
They have these knock of Red Bull’s called Rebels or something and they put torani syrups in that. I am completely addicted/in love. 24 oz of pure “treat yo’ self” and “git r’ done” that I just need some days. But in all seriousness, the addiction to these energy drinks is real and they are poisoning my body. We don’t need to talk about the caloric nightmare contained in these drinks because it’s completely impossible to ignore that adding sugar syrup to a sugary energy drink is not good for anyone’s waist or diet. But on top of that, these drinks are tripping my body out. My heart beats too fast afterwards, I crash and nap for hours, I can’t sleep at night, I’m having weird anxiety attacks after drinking, and my body craves it! So I figured, there has to be a healthier way for me to get my afternoon energy boost.
NitroSmoothies3Enter Young Living’s Nitro. 
Full disclosure, I haven’t squirted this directly into my mouth yet, that freaks me out. But I am creating killer smoothies with them. Around lunch (anytime between 12 and 2 for me) I make a smoothie. Lunch is normally a small affair for me and it is usually whatever I have around. As a broke college student, making food stretch is a necessity and some days you eat ramen with peanut butter and sriracha and have a home made freezer burrito as your side (hit me up if you wanna know the secret to super-broke cooking for one).
Anyways, smoothies are a super easy way to get some fruit into your diet without watching it all rot on your counter. I buy frozen fruit and always check to be sure that it does not have added sugar. For my Nitro smoothies, I put in 3 to 4 frozen peach wedges and maybe a half cup of frozen berries. I like to mix it up, sometimes subbing in pineapple for the peaches and I try to always buy different berries. This week I had raspberries. I cover the fruit with coconut milk and add chia seeds, flax seeds, or oats. Really, whatever is in my cupboard.

Then I squirt in the Nitro and a little bit of agave syrup. I find Nitro to be tart and I really need that extra sweetness to get past that right now. I blend it all up in my little magic bullet, add ice, and blend again. My little magic bullet can’t really handle a lot at once so I try not to overwhelm it.
 This smoothie is an energizing treat that reminds me of summer during these first super rainy weeks of spring term. You can mix it up, throw in a banana, use orange juice instead of coconut milk, make it green with some kale or spinach. I just always try to have a fruit in there that is sweetly-tart to match the sweet-tartness of the Nitro.
I am obsessed with Nitro and I’m using it to finally quit my energy drink addiction! This is huge for me guys. I still get that productive burst of energy that I did from my energy drinks but I don’t have the same symptoms. I don’t crash as dramatically, my heart doesn’t race, and I’m not sucking high fructose corn syrup down a straw (always a plus). I am in love and I am soooo excited not only about the differences I will see in my body but also in the money I will save. A box of fourteen of these little buggers retails at $50.99 but with the wholesale distributor 24% discount, I pay $38.75. At first, that sounds like a lot. But let me do a bit of math real quick:
I was drinking these Dutch Bros energy drinks about 5 days a week during the term with 11 weeks in the term (including finals) at $4.50 a piece.
$4.50 x (5 days a week x 11 weeks) = $247.50 for Dutch Bros 24 oz Iced Rebels a term
$38.75/14 tubes = $2.77 per tube
$2.77 x (5 days a week x 11 weeks) = $152.35 for Nitro a term
That is a difference of $95.15 a term!
I am saving money and I am no longer poisoning my body. Uhh, win-win. I am also super excited because these will be easier for me to quit, saving me more money. They are made of all natural components and, while tasty and energizing, they are not addictive like energy drinks. Once I start working out (wink), I’ll repost on how I’m using them for workouts and mixing them with protein powders.
Keep an eye out for more college lifestyle (or whatever you wanna call it) posts!
Have a happy spring term,

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