Ryan & Lisa Lopez

LisaHi! My name is Lisa! I was born and raised in beautiful NJ…and I don’t say that sarcastically! Unbeknownst to many, there are some gorgeous areas of NJ. We happen to live in a farm town and I was quite happy when my parents relocated me here from Newark (think…airport…lol)

My husband, Ryan and I met at 17 years old, dated for 2.5 years and got married as children!! Well, he was 2 years older than me. But still…babies. We traveled and were living the life for 6 years before our daughter came into the picture and changed everything…for the better!  I can’t picture my life without her. She’s my everything. It was the birth of my child that introduced me even more to a natural way of living. So, after setting aside everything and mothering my little girl exclusively for a few years (read; not sleeping…nursing constantly, cloth diapering…lol…the list goes on!!) Lisa (1)I decided to get back into my true passion, which is art. I’m currently working as a professional artist in the Skylands region of NJ, and doing commissioned work whenever wherever. My work is in a gallery and I am running children’s art classes from my private studio…I absolutely love life at this very moment. Love it. Love it. I cannot believe I’m saying that because a year ago at this time I was singing a very different tune. But things changed…Enter oils

My oily journey began…hmmm…well I have been using essential oils since high school! But it was only when I saw my friends posting about the Young Living Premium Starter kit on Facebook that I decided to give this brand a shot! So I joined up. And like everything I do, I jumped in head first!! The end of 2014 was such a whirlwind and 2015 is shaping up to be even better. This oily journey is happening side by side with my art journey and I’m so overwhelmed…in a good way!! My long time friends are joining me on this journey and I couldn’t be happier.
Lisa (2)We chose Young Living because of they’re “seed to seal” promise. You can read about that here.
It’s the reason I would never ingest any oils other than YL. I don’t even care if they say Organic. YL is the only company with their own farms and distilleries! And really the only company I trust in that way.
If you’re ready to ride this crazy oil train with us, I’ll tell you what we did, and I suggest the same. The best way to get started is with the Premium Starter Kit. When I think of how much I’ve saved in commercial (even organic) cleaning products, etc…it’s so worth it. You are signing up wholesale, that’s why you get such a good deal. Please use our link if you do this! 🙂
-Sign up as wholesale
-Choose the Premium Starter Kit
-Say “no” to Essential Rewards for now (you’ll want to get on this if you find yourself ordering every month…it’s a great program…reduced shipping and points to shop for oils with…yes, I do this…but we can chat later about that.)
-The ONLY reason they ask for your SS# (or tax id if you have one and would rather use that) is so you can get the wholesale discount. You are NOT obligated to sell anything. Believe me…I wouldn’t lead you astray here. They’re a trusted company and have been around for 20 years. It’s worth it to sign up wholesale for the discount. Costco, etc..asks for the same.
-Enter payment and shipping information and checkout!
-Please let us know you did this, so that we can follow up with you and answer any questions you may have!

Ryan and I are hoping that this journey affords us the opportunity to follow some of our passions and goals internationally. We would love to work in another country doing Bible education, and for our own spiritual enrichment. Who knows what the future holds!!

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