Speed Oiling

businesscard-3.5inx2in-h-frontHey, hey, hey!  You’re probably wondering what on earth speed oiling is, and I really can’t blame you. I had never heard of it either until just a little while ago.

So, what is it? Well, you’ve heard of speed dating, right? It’s kind of like that… but not. Because instead of all the awkwardness it’s just straight up fun and instead of going there to get meet a guy/gal, you go and meet a bunch of really awesome essential oils.

Sounds rad, huh? Well, you’re right, it is.

We have booked a simply amazing venue for our evening, we will have refreshments, raffles and prizes, and of course, we will also have several tables set up for you to work your way through and learn about the oils and what they can do for you. From the sleepy trio, to pain management, to allergy relief, lotions and creams and you’d better believe we have so much more planned…. of course, we can’t tell you everything, because where’s the fun in that – but just know, it’s going to be awesome.

This is going to be a really amazing event and spaces are limited we are having people pre-register for tickets over at Eventbrite. There’s a $10 ticket fee and this pays for your spot at the event, refreshments and an awesome little gift to take home with you. We will also have several things there available on the night for you to take home with you should you wish!

So, come join us…. it’ll be fun!   April 11th, 6pm – 8pm (ish) … mark your calendar!

Grab a few friends and make it a night out!  <3

Usually our events are totally child friendly, but because we are limited to numbers, this event is going to be just for guys and gals. We’ll still have brownies tho & it’ll still be a whole ton of fun… heck, you could even call it a date night 😉

If you have questions, holler at us below:

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