Oily Tips | split label

TT_labelsplitDid you ever get to the bottom of your bottle of lemon (or other favorite oil) and wonder how you didn’t realize you were so low…? Ack, sucks, huh?

Well, what I usually do, is turn the bottle on it’s side, and when it’s halfway, I put that oil in my Essential Rewards order so it ships with my next order.  But, I hear you all now… “wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually SEE what was left without having to do that?”… Well, whaddya know. Young Living knows what we want. They hear our cry for improvements (big and small) and they step up to the plate, time and time again.

So, today, I want to show you this awesome little picture… LOOK! See it there? Yuuuup, that, my friends, is a split label. Now you can see exactly how much oil is in your bottle and you never have to guess again.

Genius, huh? I thought so.

(I know it’s not on all products right away, but I bet you’re going to start seeing these in your orders REALLY SOON!


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