Thieves Wipes

thieves wipesCleaning is NOT on the top of my to-do list. So, I am so excited about these rad wipes. I also don’t like buying things like Lysol wipes because 1) chemicals, 2) I’mcheap, and 3) chemicals. Did I mention I’m cheap? We don’t even buy paper towels, much to my mother’s chagrin. Haha!

My wonderful husband folded up the laundry this morning and as I was putting away the rags, I realized they are so thin and really not great for anything—except wiping off counters. BOOM. Idea. (That’s how my brain works. Random. Full force. ALWAYS.)

I grabbed a jar from the cupboard (used Orange oil because, ahem, I’m unorganized and couldn’t find my Lemon EO) and got the label off that jar. Sa-weeeet.
Cut up those random rags into rectangles, rolled them up and stuck them in the jar. I followed the directions on the back of the Thieves Cleaner and used the ratio of

30:1 (water to solution). Then, I poured it over the rags in the jar! Shook it up to make sure they were all damp and TA-DA! That’s it. I’m so excited to use these in the kitchen and bathroom. They are going to make my life easier too. Because, hello…Am I the only one that loses the spray bottle of cleaner all.the.time!?

**I’d also add that if I could find a good on-the-go option, I would make these for wiping down surfaces like carts, airplane seat trays, door knobs, etc.



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  1. Yes! Perfect for all the rags I just made out of an old torn bedsheet! Thank you for the inspiration!

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