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Essential oils from Young Living made a major change earlier last year. All oils were re-labeled to fit into three specific categories: Dietary, Aromatic, and Topical.
Now, here at the Good Oils, we are all oil enthusiastics and know our stuff when it comes to these little miracle bottles of oily goodness! Therefore we KNOW that even though bottles have to be labeled one way or another, many essential oils have multiple uses! So, in order to make that knowledge available to all their customers, and meet the new guidelines, Young Living just launched 27 BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW OILS!
Vitality Dietary Essential Oils are 27 oils that are perfect for enhancing the flavor of your foods, increasing your water intake, and keeping your body and food working together harmoniously. There are four categories of oils and every bottle comes in a 5ml size.
Add some flavor to all your dishes with Herbs Vitality Essential Oils:
Basil Vitality
Lavender Vitality
Lemongrass Vitality
Oregano Vitality
Peppermint Vitality
Rosemary Vitality
Spearmint Vitality
Thyme Vitality
Spice it up with the Spice Vitality Essential Oils:
Black Pepper Vitality
Carrot Seed Vitality
Celery Seed Vitality
Cinnamon Bark Vitality
Clove Vitality
Ginger Vitality
Dill Vitality
Kick Your Taste buds to the Next Level with Citrus Vitality Essential Oils:
Bergamot Vitality
Citrus Fresh Vitality
Lemon Vitality
Orange Vitality
Lime Vitality
Grapefruit Vitality
Jade Lemon Vitality
Tangerine Vitality
Boost Up Your Day with a Supplement Vitality Essential Oil:
Digize Vitality
EndoFlex Vitality
Thieves Vitality
Frankincense Vitality
The part we are most excited about? Many of these oils have never been offered before in a 5ml bottle and they’re SUPER affordable – 10 of them are UNDER $10

Go log in to your account and grab yours today, or get with your favorite lemon dropper and we will help you with the hook up! <3

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