Wendi R. Nicholson

Wendi2Yay! You found me! I am Wendi. Born and raised in New Jersey and now a Floridian. I am mommy to a little girl named Skye, 4, a sweet boy named Gideon, 3, and wife of seven years to Beau. I am a bible student and teacher, a dreamer, a dancer, a writer, a blogger, and a DIYer.  Like many of the wonderful people on my team, I feel humbled to have found these oils.  I actually can say that they found me!

Wendi3 Wendi4If you are reading this, it is because you are looking for something.  You are looking for some kind of change. Either you are searching or you were directed here.  As a wholesale member, you now have the opportunity to have $300.00 worth of oils for $150.00.  In addition to that, you then create your own account, and are now a wholesale member for all future purchases.  That’s it, just like that!

I love Young Living because it has proven itself.  It speaks for itself, and above all else, it works.  The customer support, the “seed to seal promise”, and the support via social networking for anyone who wants to learn about the oils is astonishingly top shelf.

Thank you, with all my heart for stopping by and I can’t wait to talk with you!

Love,  Wendi

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