Workout Stink!

Cassie here!

Who has stinky clothes after working out?  Yep… it happens to everyone.  And then you wash your clothes, throw some extra soap in and then when you take it out of the dryer… and they still stink!  Well, not as bad before you washed them, but they smell more like detergent plus B.O.  No one wants that.

workoutstinkThe last time that happened to me and my husband, I thought of my oils.  Which one would take away that crossfit stink?  Purification!

I usually wash all of our work out stuff together in one load.  One night I noticed my husbands shirt still smelled bad so I washed everything over again.  I added 5 drops of purification into the laundry detergent.  Guess what?  The clothes smelled wonderful.  All of the B.O……. GONE!  I was pretty impressed by that little bottle of goodness.

I had tried a couple different things before purification, including – using more soap and using vinegar with my laundry soap. Neither of those worked as well as adding purification in to the laundry detergent.

So next time you get back from a run, a crossfit workout or the gym, put that purification in your wash!!!

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