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Bryanna_youbelongI’m a social girl, I love being involved and connected.  I think its a common desire, to want to be connected… We all want to be a part of something. In a family, a group, a “tribe”.

I love natural remedies, and I love these essential oils. I love all the ways we can have been using them for our family, and helping others with them too. But sales? I have tried it before, and never succeeded. This time has been different because of a few factors.

One, I truly love the oils.    They fit our family’s lifestyle of natural healing. I would use them regardless of making a business of it.

Two, our team.    Undoubtedly, our team is a huge reason that I am sticking with this gig. I have seen some success already, but because of my team, I know that I will see much more. Our team works together to build and encourage, to help each other, and cheer each other on. We talk about our successes, we talk about our failures. People ask questions and give advice. We are vulnerable, not just about our business, but we also get little snapshots into each other’s lives and new connections are made. It’s so cool hearing each person’s story of why there are here. What the oils have done to bring transformation to their family and community. There are some pretty incredible testimonies of health and emotional improvements in these families!!

Each team member has something unique to bring to the table, and learning and growing is encouraged and each of us improves daily! We read books and share thoughts and quotes about successes. We set goals, and see each other accomplish great feats!!
We share resources and tools, joys and disappointments, laughs and tears. Some of it is in person, some of it is just online. Whatever way we connect, we are a family. We are Lemondroppers.

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