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MandyMy four year old was marking days off his calendar with a permanent marker yesterday morning. He made a loud exclamation, throwing his hands into the air for emphasis, and marked a two inch streak of black on my china cabinet. I managed to keep my cool and let him know how unhappy I was about the permanent mark that would never come off. He immediately replied “Don’t worry mommy, I know how to fix it!” and ran to cupboard to grab the homemade wood polisher I had made with lemon essential oils. “Oh buddy, it’s not going to work…” I started to say, but to my disbelieve he sprayed the cabinet, scrubbed, and the mark came off!!

These oils keep surprising me and proving themselves to me on a daily basis. Weather it’s house cleaning, our families health, our general happiness, or keeping the sanity, they have done SO much for me and my family. But the most important, hands down, absolute favorite thing these oils have done for me is provided an entire community of oil-loving friends!

We meet to discuss business, support each others accomplishments, throw oil make and take parties, or just talk about our kids/family/hobbies/oil adventures. We have ongoing online discussions about how the oils have helped us and how we can help others. Many members of our Lemon Dropper team have babes that allow for middle of the night conversations of friends coming together to say “we understand” and building each others confidences, lives, businesses and spirits during the wee hours of the morning, all day long, and way into the night.

I love how much my social life has boomed because of these fantastic people I get to be involved with. My confidence has risen so much, I have conquered situations I never would have dreamed I could before, and reach for, and achieved, goals I never knew I had! I have truly found an amazing hobby, disguised as a business, which helps our daily lives and provides something special just for ME!

The Lemon Droppers: You Belong

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